Food and Wine in Verona

For centuries Verona has had an incurable romance with food and wine. The wines from Valpolicella were already famous in Roman times and some of the best-known traditional Verona dishes have roots dating back to the Middle Ages. With such a tradition, it is no wonder that the streets and squares of Verona flourish with bars, eateries, wine bars, trattorias, taverns and gourmet restaurants comfortably located in front of the imposing stately buildings, grouped in the market square in festive confusion or secluded in the pleasant and colourful minor squares. There is truly something for everyone: from rustic taverns offering strong and pungent flavours to trattorias that serve traditional dishes revisited with creativity and star-studded chefs who have extended and diversified their repertoire. Pizzerias and bars are also part of the numerous and tasty options that will satisfy every palate: die-hard carnivores, fish lovers, hard core vegetarians, happy-hour aficionados, snack extremists and dessert lovers of any kind will not be disappointed. What does the tradition offer? The inhabitants of Verona are very fond of hand-made lasagne accompanied by red and white sauces; of the pastissada, a meat marinated in Amarone wine and then cooked with patience and great care; and of boiled meats served with sweet-and-sour or spicy sauces. The soppressa is the queen of the cured meats; it is a soft, spicy salami normally served over a steaming slice of polenta. And then we may find tasty potato dumplings, white or green asparagus, rice in all its forms, peas from the hills and fruits from the plain, mountain cheeses and delicate olive oil from Garda lake that accompanies the finest fresh water fish. And there is no shortage of desserts either: the soft Pandoro and the nadalin during the winter months; the delicate favette made with almonds and shortbread during the fall months; the crispy butter puff pastries and the typical preparations of many shops that jealously guard their recipes. To drink? A good wine, of course. Red, white, or rosé; Soave, Valpolicella, Custoza and Amarone; dry or sweet; to be served chilled or to be enjoyed at room temperature…all you have to do is choose. Because in Verona, a fertile land with abundant harvests, food and wine are an integral part of the historic and cultural heritage.