Verona’s rich cultural and artistic heritage is confirmed by the wide range of findings and artworks present in its main museum: the Museo di Castelvecchio.
The Scaliger castle was severely damaged during the 2nd World War. Its restoration was assigned to the architect Carlo Scarpa who, impressively combining a contemporary renovation with the medieval structure, has left an everlasting witness of his genius. The collections are laid out following a linguistic and sentimental path under the aura of the Museum as a work of art in itself. The main highlights are the collection of statues (dated 12th century onwards), and paintings (dated 14th century onwards), along with archaeological findings, weapons, prints, and coins.

Given that visiting Castelvecchio is compulsory, it is equally true that there are numerous smaller museums in Verona that include interesting findings and enchanted treasures.

Museo AMO

Museo AMO
Opera enthusiasts cannot miss this intriguing museum. In its 30-plus rooms, the steps of the creative process behind an opera show are outlined: librettos, images, letters, scripts, sketches, original costumes, stage models and much more, reveal the intricate and fascinating pathway from beginning to end. Continue reading “Museo AMO”