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Arena and Opera Season presentation

The Arena of Verona, built in the 1st century AD, is located in the central and elegant Piazza Brà and is, in itself, an impressive and wonderful monument. In the summer, when it hosts the Opera Festival, it becomes magical. The concept of an Arena season began in 1913, when the Veronese tenor Giovanni Zenatello thought of celebrating the centenary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi by staging the Aida in the impressive Arena. The excellent acoustics of the amphitheatre broadcasted Verdi’s notes perfectly and ever since it has become a success that is repeated year after year. Since then there has been a crescendo of operas, spectators and performances: operas, ballets and recitals that have won over even the most demanding music lovers, but also simple music enthusiasts who wish to experience a performance like no other. The program runs from June to September and is skilfully planned to allow you to see different shows on consecutive days. Only classical music? Certainly not. In recent decades the Arena has become a venue coveted by international rock stars such as Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Adele, One Direction, Carlos Santana, REM, Sting, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, The Who; but also by Italian celebrities such as Zucchero and Ligabue, who held epic and unforgettable concerts in a setting that thrilled both the public and the artists themselves. The Arena can easily be accessed from Verona’s highway exists and very large and well-organized guarded parking facilities can be found in the immediate vicinity. The train station is within walking distance and the airport is well connected to the city with a dedicated shuttle service. Furthermore, all major hotels outside the historic centre also offer their guests a shuttle service on show nights. Tickets can be bought through a variety of channels … read below for more information about the 2019 Opera season!

Performances of the Arena Opera Festival


06 July - 04 September


22 June - 07 September


21 June - 05 September


29 July - 26 July

Roberto Bolle and Friends

16-17 July


04 August


10 August - 06 September

Carmina Burana

11 August

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